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We Are Global Providers of Custom Precision Seals and Sealing Systems

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Mechanical seal design for high-speed industrial equipment requires a thorough understanding of a variety of engineering disciplines to generate a high-performance seal.  Designers need to consider the effects of pressure loadings, high temperatures, fluid flow, and centrifugal forces on the structure of the seal they are designing.  Proper material selection for all components used in the seal is critical for long life applications.  Our designers have that understanding based on our Company’s over sixty-six years of seal design experience

Stein Seal Industrial Division is a subsidiary of Stein Seal Company and was created to reduce delays caused by systems that were needed by our aerospace and military customers.  Since our creation as a separate unit, but backed by the parent Company, we have been able to respond to customer’s requests for product and information rapidly and with high accuracy. 

Industrial seal development by our Company started in the 1950s with the development of face and bushing seals for large pumps and compressors, circumferential seals for high-speed blowers and bellows seals for centrifuges.  Our skilled engineers were in the forefront of seal design, working on a wide variety of complex applications.  We were often recommended as a source for seals that our competitors did not have the knowledge to develop.  While many of these developments were often low volume, they did contribute immensely to our understanding of seal technology. 

Our designers today use custom designed programs based on our design experience developed since our founding many years ago.  Tools such as FEA provided by our ANSYS program and 3-D modeling help to perfect your severe design requirements and continue to make us the natural choice for your specially designed, and off the shelf, seal requirements.

While precision design is critical for producing high performance seals, we compliment our design expertise with our modern manufacturing capabilities.  Modern manufacturing cells composed of CNC mill-turn centers and grinders help to provide competitively priced product for higher volume manufacture.  Special CNC machine cells are also used for lower volume work so that our customers can benefit from our Lean manufacturing concepts.

Dynamic testing of your finished product can be done by our test facility.  If requested, we can simulate the environment of the seal and operate the seal under the same speed, temperature, and pressure conditions that it would encounter in your equipment.  Temperature, leakage, wear, and pressure conditions can be monitored as part of this test.  We have over 20 test benches that can be adapted to simulate most operating environments.

We welcome the opportunity to work with your team to provide the ideal seal for your application.