Seal Repair and Overhaul Center

Full Service Seal Repair and Overhaul Center

A step above…

Stein Seal, a leading manufacturer of engineered mechanical seals and sealing systems, also offers complete repair and reengineering services through its industrial seal division.

Located in Telford, Pennsylvania US, serves as the primary industrial repair facility for Steins custom and OEM seal product lines. With our US and international locations, Stein seal industrial offers customer-focused engineered solutions to challenging sealing issues.

Often the best source of a mechanical seal repair is a company or organization that does everything in-house, including the manufacturing assembly and testing. Stein Seal Industrial Division operates seal repair facilities with the expertise and manufacturing equipment and complete test lab facilities to meet your repair and overhaul requirements. On-site engineering capabilities and the use of tools such as finite element analysis and the latest in multi-axis CNC machines, multiple test rigs, and a dedicated team utilizing AutoCAD and Inventor software to repair, re-design, manufacture, and test mechanical seals offer the Stein customer’s peace of mind backed by Steins 65+ years of seal experience.

Competitive structures with engineering built-in, often mechanical seals, can be repaired for 30 to 50% of the cost of the replacement seal assembly. What Stein seal industrial provides is technical and manufacturing expertise that many outside organizations are not able to support.

Third-party evaluations and site assessments

With Steins proven evaluation and repair process and Steins’ ability to evaluate, repair, and remanufacture mechanical sealing systems from outside organizations, Stein also offers third-party evaluation and assessment.

These third-party assessments ultimately provide the customer with a better understanding of their seal challenges and better support proper seal selection.

In addition to in-house repairs, Stein offers field service and on-site failure analysis studies. With Stein’s vast seal design engineering and manufacturing experience, we can also provide repair services of competitors seals and sealing components.

Reliability engineering, on-site failure analysis studies provide the customer with a better understanding of the seal failures and provide better reliability engineering data. By generating these assessments and investigations, Stein can develop failure mode analysis (FMA ) that ultimately can result in customers developing better processes, reduced downtime, and supports the organization’s key performance indicators(KPI).

Critical spares

Stein Seal industrial also offers critical spares storage at their locations. Customer-owned critical spares are stored at Stein’s climate-controlled facilities.¬†Ultimately Stein’s on-site critical spare storage offers customers peace of mind. Stein seal industrial provides reliability engineers and rotating equipment specialists a trusted source in managing inventory and critical spare components when they are most needed.