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Stein Split Seal

Split-cartridge mechanical seals are an innovative solution for challenging applications involving turbines, compressors and other rotating equipment when conventional mechanical seals may not be practical. 

Replacing or repairing seals on large compressors, pumps, and heavy industrial equipment can be time-consuming, labor-intensive, and costly. The expense can be considerable enough to deter some equipment operators from performing preventive maintenance as suggested by equipment manufacturers. This, of course, can result in equipment damage or failure, at an even greater cost, down the line. 

Split mechanical seals can alleviate this problem by permitting the replacement of shaft seals without requiring removal of the shaft assembly, the motor, or any other equipment. Swapping out a Stein split seal can be accomplished without significant downtime or additional labor cost. 

While split seals can prove cost-effective in the long run, their initial cost is considerably higher than conventional mechanical seals. Determining whether a split-seal solution is appropriate for any given application necessitates comparing the price of the more expensive split seal with the frequency and associated cost of maintaining the conventional seal currently in place.

Dry-gas–buffered split seal featuring a three-chamber seal design matrix with patented carbon geometry to provide optimum performance and ensure long life. This seal design also includes Stein’s custom high-temperature O-rings. 

Stationary primary sealing elements are fixed to the housing or other equipment through which the rotating shaft passes and seals against the rotating runner/sleeve element.

Split-seal male carbon with alignment pin in steel housing.

Split-seal male carbon with alignment pin in steel housing.

Split-seal housing as assembled.

Stein Split Seals in Action:

Split seals are paramount to reducing downtime, increasing reliability, and, in some cases, improving efficiency.

Stein Seal industrial recently employed its patented dynamic split-seal technologies for a multinational industrial customer during an emergency shutdown.

The conventional seal was not available and would have required removal of the shaft. Stein’s split-seal design was employed, permitting seal installation with the shaft in place. By eliminating the need to disassemble the support systems and bearing assemblies.

Stein’s split-seal technology allowed technicians to install the seal in hours instead of days.


  • Split-seal assembly replaces conventional seal assembly.
  • 6” shaft, no shaft removal required.
  • Cut downtime by six days, a reduction of over 120-man hrs. versus conventional seal replacement.