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Stein cartridge seals are quickly installed and changed out from the pump shaft. They are expertly designed and pre-built to include gland, sleeve, and other necessary seal system components into a single assembly.

Cartridge seals are designed for quick installation and consistent operation at all times. Cartridge seals contain a complete array of seal system components, such as a seal gland and sleeve, among other essential elements. These are combined into a single, self-contained assembly pre-adjusted to lock into position on the pump shaft and operate immediately upon installation.

Not only does Stein Seal produce cartridge seals, but we also repair, recondition, and rebuild them. New cartridge seals are a considerable investment, so repairing a failing seal to its original specs is often preferred over replacing it.


Component seals are typically built on-site in a multi-step process where each successive step adds further potential for error. These time-consuming installations shut down operations and usually require professional installation specialists to accomplish them correctly. With a Stein cartridge-style seal, this considerable expense can be avoided, and work can continue on schedule.


In a cartridge seal, the stationary seal components are preassembled into a single unit and placed in a housing. Likewise, the rotating components are also pre-assembled into a single shaft-mounted sleeve. This dramatically simplifies the installation process, eliminating the need for installation specialists while allowing for safer, more efficient seal installation with minimal risk of error.


Stein specializes in seal designs in standard single- and double-cartridge configurations and custom multi-chamber assemblies for more challenging seals.


Cartridge-style mechanical seals offer many benefits over traditional, assemble-in-place sealing systems.

  • Pre-assembly significantly reduces the number of components needing to be separately installed, resulting in a dramatic reduction in installation errors.
  • Cartridge seals utilize standardized components, reducing inventory burdens and simplifying part tracking.
  • Delivered thoroughly tested, certified and ready to install, Stein cartridge-style seals offer unrivaled reliability.
  • Enclosed in a hermetically sealed casing, Stein’s cartridge seals are impervious to dirt, moisture and other contaminants.
  • With no small screws, springs, pins or other cumbersome parts to manipulate, Stein cartridge seals offer quick and easy installation.
  • With no particular expertise required, Stein cartridges are less expensive to install.
  • Compared to traditional stack-up seals, cartridge seals are more dependable and easier to work on, making them less expensive to maintain and repair.