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Mechanical seals are installed between the rotating and stationary components of industrial agitators and mixers to prevent leakage. These agitator seals can be built to perform under extreme conditions, including intense pressure, temperature extremes, exposure to corrosive and abrasive substances, and other forces inherent to many industrial processes.

Determining the ideal seal solution for any given application requires careful consideration of multiple variables. Whatever the industry, if there is rotating equipment involved, Stein Seals has the engineering expertise to devise and develop custom mechanical seals with the durability and high performance needed to maximize efficiency and profitability.

Stein designs mechanical seals for any application involving agitators or mixers, including seals that maintain their integrity, even in the most challenging environments. Stein can deliver custom agitator seals to endure extreme temperatures and temperature changes, withstand elevated shear and drag forces that could lay waste to conventional seals, and resist abrasion, corrosion, and other damage through chemicals or other harsh elements in industrial processing.


OEM Repairs & Reengineering

Stein Seal Industrial Division offers complete repair and re-engineering services for Stein Seal clientele. We are the primary repair facility for OEM and custom seal products made by Stein for many of the world’s most esteemed names in energy, manufacturing and industry, including:

Alfa Laval Alfa Laval
Dresser-Rand Dresser-Rand
Siemens Energy Siemens Energy
Aquachem Aquachem
Baker Hughes Baker Hughes
TC Energy TC Energy
GE Oil & Gas GE Oil & Gas

Application-Specific Solutions

Every application brings a unique set of challenges. There are numerous variables to consider, from the properties of the liquids involved to the range of operating conditions, such as temperature, pressure and flow rate. The surest way to achieve optimal seal performance in any given application is with a custom solution from Stein Seal.


For a customer needing a sealing system designed for ammonia service, Stein developed a split custom sealing solution that reduced installation time, improved reliability and provided peace of mind for the project team.

A legacy customer was experiencing excessive leakage due to wear and upset process conditions. Stein delivered a custom solution to assuage their concerns over reliability and longevity.

In both cases, Stein’s custom seals have successfully operated for over five years without disruption or refurbishment.