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Stein Mechanical Seals For The Chemical Industry

Faced with some of the most challenging conditions imaginable, mechanical seals for the chemical industry need to withstand harsh environments. Caustic and corrosive fluids and gases, extreme temperatures, pressure differentials, and fluid viscosity–none of these factors can be permitted to compromise the integrity of any seal used in chemical processing.
Stein seals for use with hazardous chemicals optimize efficiency and reliability while mitigating environmental emissions and safeguarding human operators and others in the vicinity of production.

Mechanical seals for chemical processing can utilize various chemically inert materials, such as Kalrez, PTFE, Alumina, or PEK materials.

Stein can engineer and produce complex mechanical seals for processing chemicals under the harshest conditions, built to endure and perform in compliance with all applicable regulations.



Mechanical seals for use in the chemical industry must be made from some of the most durable and advanced materials available. These include stainless and duplex steels, carbon, silicon carbide and tungsten carbide, titanium and Hastelloy, to name just a few. Synthetic rubbers include fluoroelastomers and perfluoro elastomers, PTFE-encapsulated elastomers, and others.


Our chemical-industry seals are designed to resist abrasion and withstand the extreme temperatures associated with the most aggressive chemical processes. They are built for endurance, reliability and ease of maintenance and repair.
Stein Seal’s proprietary carbon ring geometry and spring-loaded clamping mechanism make our double seals with buffer gas ideal for chemical applications.


For the chemical industry, Stein Seal makes products for use in mixers and agitators, separators, compressors and pumps for use in both centrifugal and volumetric applications, and more. These include our patented Hydrovent®, hydrostatic and hydrodynamic seals.