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Mechanical seals help join together two moving parts within a machine while eliminating or mitigating any leakage of oils, gasses or other elements from inside the machine and preventing outside contaminants from reaching critical internal components.

Mechanical seals are essential to oil and natural gas processing. The technologies employed in mechanical seals vary from gas buffering and oil barriers to API-style fluid buffering. Stein’s mechanical seals are integral to many types of processing equipment, including compressors, turbines, centrifuges and pumping systems. Without mechanical seals, oil and gas processing equipment would be far less reliable, experiencing frequent and unpredictable critical failures and adversely impacting the natural environment.

Stein Seal, the company that invented the circumferential shaft seal, has developed many innovative mechanical seals, sealing devices, and sealing systems used in primary and secondary oil and gas production processes. We deliver derivatives, such as polyethylenes, polypropylenes, oils, gasolines, fuels, chlorines, and more.


For oil processing, Stein offers mechanical seals, such as circumferential, barrier, and wet seals, among many others. Mechanical seals are often specified to secure connections under rotational motion. There are other seals for other kinds of motion, such as piston seals. All protect against leakage while protecting the inside of the machine from the intrusion of foreign particles that might impair performance or cause premature wear and tear.


Seals for use with gas have to surmount a multitude of challenges that require their own engineered solutions. Stein Seal produces a range of gas-compatible seal products incorporating proprietary Stein Seal engineering for superior performance and durability.

Our dry-gas barrier seals incorporate a patented carbon-segmented ring to optimize buffering while minimizing friction in low-pressure applications. Higher pressure will require our metal-bellows seal. The full range of Stein seals for gas also includes face seals, bushings seals, piston-ring seals, and more.

Stein Seal has the expertise to ensure you have the optimal seal for your particular application and conditions.