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Wastewater Seals From Stein

The Stein Seal name has been associated with the highest-quality custom-designed industrial seals and precision components since 1955. Our expertise in designing and manufacturing complex components has made us a premier resource for any industrial application involving turbines, pumps, and other rotating equipment.

We surpass customer expectations by setting ever-higher standards of excellence in design proficiency and originality. Ongoing research into new materials and processes lets us bring leading-edge solutions to manufacturing innovative wastewater seals and high-precision machined components.


Mechanical seals are installed between an industrial agitator’s rotating and stationary components or mixer to minimize leakage. These agitator seals can be built to perform under various extreme conditions inherent to many industrial processes.


Stein’s custom-engineered barrier seals are field proven, and with over 30 years of experience, these seals are readily available to meet the stringent and demanding requirements of today’s turbomachinery industry.


Stein cartridge seals are easy to install and change out from the pump shaft. They are expertly designed and pre-built to include gland, sleeve and other necessary seal system components into a single assembly.


While seal shaft failure is the most common cause of pump failure, a pump seal that is professionally designed and installed, properly maintained, and periodically replaced can keep any pump system running leak-free indefinitely.


Split cartridge mechanical seals are an innovative solution for challenging applications involving turbines, compressors, and other rotating equipment when conventional mechanical seals may not be practical.

These seals and others created by Stein Seal Industrial for wastewater treatment are customized for the particular needs and conditions inherent to that industry, including silt, brine, oil, waste byproducts, and other chemical and biological contaminants and particulates.